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Everything Goes offers a comprehensive service by providing clients with confidential appraisals of personal property. Andrew Adelson, Director of Everything Goes has over thirty years experience in appraising personal and business property.

Appraisal services include:

  • Certificate of appraisal- a comprehensive document cataloging the value of your personal property
  • Digital graphic inventory- a complete or selective catalog of appropriately identified personal and/or business property
  • Video appraisal- a video inventory accompanied by a certificate of fair market value appraisal. This service is particularly important in the vent of insurance loss


Everything Goes is the industry’s leader in on-site residential liquidations. Our innovative merchandising techniques work quickly and efficiently to liquidate your personal property. Our expert staff has the ability to negotiate the highest price possible on your behalf.

Our professional services include:

  • Spectacular staging… makes all the difference
  • Property Identifying Inventory, Evaluation and Pricing
  • Creative and Online Advertising
  • Responsible and Experiences Sales Staff
  • Expert Sale Preparation
  • Expediting Charitable Donations with Documentations and Overseeing Removal
  • Complete Household Sales Management
  • On-Site Movers
  • Prompt Reconciliation and Payment

If for any reasons you are unable to host the sale of property in the home or business, Everything Goes offers similar services for off-premise estate liquidation sales.

We have the ability to sell EVERTHING! Baker, Kittinger, Knoll, Baccarat, Stueben, Lalique, fine jewelry. One item or a hundred, from everyday furnishings to priceless antiques and artwork. Our large customer database includes collectors interested in unique and specific items.

Pre-Demolition Household Sales

Complete structure liquidations are also available for individuals or companies who need to have their contents professionally sold. This means, not just household and/or business furnishings but windows, lighting, cabinetry, heating and AC systems, architecture, landscaping, etc.

Everything Goes conducts the sale and can also oversee demolition of the remaining structure. (A pre-demolitions sale can often more than pay for the removal of the existing structure.)

Everything Goes also conducts business and store liquidation sales.

Sample Documents and Helpful Information

Pre & Post Sale Scheduling

5 Important Criteria Pertaining to Contracting an Estate Sale Company

Sample Agreement

Sample Inventory

Sample Sale Summary

Sample Appraisal

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IRS Form 8283 - Noncash Charitable Contributions